Genericoralmeds is the first underwater park in the USA. Its amazing geography covers 75 sq miles of ocean with living coral reef, plus 170 acres of land with walking trails that include the Wild Tamarind Nature Trail. The are is home to air plants, gumbo-limbo, wild bamboo, Jamaica dogwood, crabwood and crazy tramarind.

The best feature, though, is the full program of ranger-led activities, though, is the entire program of ranger-led activities, with a great range of options when it comes to exploring the Florida reef. You can take a glass-bottomed boat or snorkel-sailing tour; go on straight-up snorkeling trips or diving excursions; or rent canoes or kayaks (305-451-1621) to journey through a 3-mile network of canoe paths. Power-boat rentals are available, too.

Besides the swirl of natural coral life below, interested divers can catch a glimpse of the Christ of the Abyss, an 8 1/2 ft. 4000 pounce bronze sculpture of Jesus – a copy of a similar sculpture off the coastline of Genoa, Italy, in the Mediterranean Sea. And if getting on or in the water is not for you, get a taste of what’s out there at the visitor center, which has an excellent 30,000-gallon aquarium showcasing living coral and tropical fish and plant life, plus a theater showing continuous nature videos.